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danielle sullivanLife coach Danielle Sullivan (she/they) is the founder and host of the Neurodiverging Podcast.

She is available as a source for interviews, podcasts, and other events, as well as for neurodiversity consulting.

Learn more about Danielle here, or email.



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Cuida Care Now (August, 2021)
Raising Two Children with Different Neurodivergences (ADHD & Autism)

Watch my live talk on Instagram with Gina Singh, CEO of Cuida, discussing how to raise two kids with two different neurotypes. I offered some tips for how to work with your child ahead of time to build trust, collaboration, and reduce frustrating behaviors. (August, 2021)
Why Slow Parenting Is a Perfect Way to Reduce Anxiety and Take Back Your Day

Read my guest post to learn more about how the hectic schedules of most families today can damage parent-child bonds, and how slow parenting can help.


Feedspot (May, 2021)
Top 30 Neurodiversity Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021

Thank you to Feedspot for naming Neurodiverging one of their top 20 neurodiversity-related podcasts for this year!



Earbuds Podcast Collective (April, 2021)
Podcast Recommendations: Autistic Voices In Podcasting

Thank you to Carolyn Kiel, host of the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, and the Podcast Collective for including the Neurodiverging Podcast as one of their recommended podcasts by autistic people!



gender and⁣ sexuality spectrum in the autism community thriving in the midst of chaos podcastThriving in the Midst of Chaos (March, 2021)
Gender and Sexuality In the Autism Community With Guest Danielle Sullivan

In part 2 of my guest appearance on Thriving in the Midst of Chaos, I'm talking about GLBTQ kids in the autism community and what we can do to support them.



 Living With Autism While Parenting Special Needs Children thriving in the midst of chaos podcastThriving in the Midst of Chaos (March, 2021)
Inclusivity for Invisible Disabilities With Guest Danielle Sullivan

Speaking with Jessica about autistic parenting, how to be a neurodiversity ally, auditory processing disorder, creating home systems for yourself, and more!



Tech Republic (February, 2021)
People with autism succeed in IT jobs when companies hire for capabilities not credentials by Veronica Combs

Honored to contribute to this excellent piece on making the job interview process more accessible for autistics



One Simple Question Podcast (February, 2021)
Episode 35: Danielle Sullivan (Are you homeschooling?)

It was such fun to talk about neurodiversity, parenting, and being an autistic adult with Abishek!
 (February, 2021)

Autastic kindly discusses one of my podcast episodes in Accessing Therapy When You’re Autistic




Pretty Progressive (December, 2020)

See a couple of my recommendations for Must Read Books On The Women’s Liberation Movement.




howell carnegie Read Woke WednesdaysHowell Carnegie District Library (November, 2020)
Honored to be one of the podcasts recommended in Howell Carnegie District Library’s Read Woke Challenge, for the Diverse Abilities category.


autistic people empathy thumbnailHuman Parts: (August, 2020)

Autistic People Don’t Lack Empathy by Danielle Sullivan
Autismo en vivo has kindly translated this article into Spanish here.