Ep. 27/ Mindfulness for Neurodiverse Families with Dr. Rabia Subhani

rabia subhaniMy guest today is Dr. Rabia Subhani, neuropsychologist, certified mindfulness teacher (many times over!), and mother of an autistic child. Rabia is the creator of Mindful Village®, a secular eight to twelve week program geared towards the parents and caregivers of  neurodiverse children.

On this episode of Neurodiverging, Dr. Rabia and I are discussing what mindfulness is, how it works, why it's a good fit for many neurodiverse families, and why parents need to learn to practice mindfulness before they can teach it to their children. Plus, Rabia offers many examples of exercises you can do at home with your family!


Need a Hoberman sphere to practice mindful breathing? Check out this one.

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About Dr. Rabia Subhani

In 2012, Rabia went through multiple major life changes, including a divorce, the decision to work from home to care for her son, plus a spiritual journey. That was when she finally started using mindfulness for herself. The end result was the life-altering decision to have all aspects of her life reflect her newfound belief in the ability of mindfulness and love to transform and heal.

This beautiful realization came through spiritual retreats and a personal meditation and Sufi practice, but she also wanted professional credibility so she could teach this to others (especially other parents of neurodiverse children). So, she re-trained in mindfulness via several different evidence-based programs and then decided to create her own program when she couldn't find one that met all of her needs as a professional and as a parent. Rabia shares her newfound peace and joy of living with you, whether you are a parent of an ND child, or on your own spiritual journey, through her Mindful Village® program and the many resources available on her website.

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