Ep. 33 / Gentle Parenting for Autistic and ADHD Children with Debbie Godfrey

positive discipline for autistic childrenToday I'm talking with Debbie Godfrey, a positive parenting guru. Debbie's a certified Parent Educator with over 30 years of expertise in the parenting education field. She's helped parents around the world solve problems with their families and their children by teaching methods to improve behavior in a positive, gentle way.

She's served tons of organizations throughout the country, including C.A.A.N (Child Abuse and Neglect), Casa Pacifica, Conejo Valley Substance Abuse Prevention Authority and Child Development Resources of Ventura County, The California State Foster Parent Association, and many others. She conducts teacher trainings, parent education, workshops and does amazing work in her field.

Debbie and I discuss some ways that we can improve our parenting and gentle discipline for autistic children and ADHD kids, answering questions like:

  • What is positive parenting?
  • How does it support child self-esteem?
  • Why don't we need punishment?

Plus, Debbie's answering listener questions about common parenting trouble spots, like how to handle defiance, aggression, and co-parenting struggles!

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Show Notes:

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How to Define Perseveration in Autism Spectrum Disorder

define perseveration in autism

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about some common traits of autism spectrum disorder, and the question of how to define perseveration with regards to autism came up. I've experienced perseveration, and I notice it in my children with autism and ADHD. But, I found it oddly difficult to describe to my friend, and realized I didn't quite know how to explain it. So, I did a little research on perseverative thinking, behaviors, and language.

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