Get Into the Halloween Spirit With These 4 Books by Autistic Women

It’s almost Halloween! Like any book-lover worth their salt, I’m getting into the spirit by reading some supernatural thrillers and murder mysteries…with a neurodivergent twist!  I’ve gathered together a shortlist of four underrated books by autistic women to help us all get our spook on. Know of a great addition to this list? Leave a … Read more

Fantasy Fiction by Autistic Authors That I’m Excited to Read (2021)

I'm on a mission to read more fantasy by autistic authors. Here are the books I'm starting with.

I'm an autistic woman who's also a big reader, and one of my ongoing goals is to read more books by autistic (and other neurodivergent) authors. Since finding these authors can take some research, I'm sharing some of my finds here for you to read too!

So, for you and for me, here is a short list of books in the umbrella genre of fantasy by authors who identify as autistic.

If you have any recommendations for neurodivergent authors I should look into (or you want to pitch yourself!), I'd love to hear from you. I'm hoping to update this list often.

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