Support the Marshall Fire Relief Efforts

This fundraiser has completed. We raised $460! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Neurodiverging is raising funds for the Marshall Fire Survivors. You can help.

What Was the Marshall Fire?

The Marshall Fire near Boulder, Colorado struck on 12/30/21 and has left over 1000 homes damaged and destroyed, and thousands of people without shelter in the middle of winter. Please consider donating to support victims and/or joining the Neurodiverging Patreon to raise money for relief efforts.

How Can I Help?

If you donate $5 or more to relief efforts, let me know on this form and I'll mail you a surprise: https://tinyurl.com/neurodivergingmarshallfire

Or, join the Neurodiverging Patreon (or increase your existing pledge) during February or March, and I'll donate raised funds to a local organization supporting fire relief efforts: https://www.patreon.com/neurodiverging


Keep an eye out on the Patreon, my Instagram and my Facebook pages to find out how much we've raised! Email me at neurodiverging.podcast@gmail.com with questions. Thank you for your support!

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