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Get Stuff Done! Neurodivergent Body Doubling & Accountability Meetings

Join Danielle Sullivan, neurodivergent life and parent coach, for hour-long body doubling on evenings and weekends! Let's get things done together.

body doubling accountability group neurodivergent

We'll each set a goal or a task to be working on during the time. I'll be available for hot-seat coaching for anyone who wants to get help working through a problem or setting up a plan for your next project or life goal. Or, come and have some company while you organize the closet!

(You can be "live" with us on video or text chat, or just lurk and use the time get things done. There's no expectation to be social if you're not feeling it.)

Upcoming dates:

  • Saturday 6/11 @ 2-3PM MDT
  • Monday 6/20 @ 6-7PM MDT
  • Sunday 6/26 @ 4-5PM MDT

Register here.


Sessions are available for $7 USD/hour. If you are in significant financial need, please email me at and we'll work something out.

Patrons receive complimentary body doubling sessions as part of their perks! Learn more and pledge today at


Neurodivergent Body Doubling

You may have heard of a body double before; this person can also be called an activity partner or a shadow. The activity partner is another person whom you have with you while you perform your task. Body doubles can be hugely helpful for neurodivergent folks who need more support with executive functioning.

There are a lot of different way a body double can help you, either actively or passively, through a difficult project. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

1) Having another person nearby can help you feel less isolated and less bored as you attempt a difficult task.

2) Knowing that someone else there with you can keep you more focused on what you’re meant to be doing, because you have a constant reminder in that person.

3) The body double represents your commitment to achieving your task. Moving off-task would involve justifying that decision to your double, which is often harder than justifying that decision to ourselves.

4) A body double is giving their time to you to help you with your task, so you will be more motivated to complete it.

You can learn more about body doubles and how one can help you here: Body Doubling for Autistic Folks

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